Fitness Classes


Total Body strengthening. 30 minute TRX Suspension Training to work all muscles of the body. Perfect conditioning class for all levels of fitness. Followed by a 15 minute well deserved stretch!

RUNNING CLUB (60 minutes)

All weather running class to keep your body fit, enjoy the great outdoors, and run with a group for inspiration.  An outdoor course to improve each individuals running technique.  Be prepared to be outside with all the elements.  Dress accordingly.  All runner levels welcome!

SPIN/PILATES (60 minutes)


An extreme 30 minute ride that will give you the ultimate cardio workout. Followed by 30 minutes of AB work using Bender Balls, Pilate Circles, Gliders, all incorporating Pilate methods, then a well deserved stretch!


This course utilizes core strength and cardio to improve agility and endurance. A cross training class that incorporates Spin, TRX Suspension, Gliders, Pilate circles and bender balls. An core conditioning class for all fitness levels. Pilate core methods will be instructed in class.


A cross-training class using various methods to improve cardio . A great work-out to increase stamina and strength. TRX Suspenion, Pilate circles, gliders, and bender balls will be utilized. Pilate abdominal work implemented in each class to get those Abs looking great.


Need some AB strengthening? 30 minute AB workout using Bender Balls, Pilate Circles, gliders, and Pilate methods. All fitness levels welcome. Followed by a 15 minute well deserved stretch!


If you prefer to do one on one, Bootcamp, Pilates, weight training, Deb would be more than happy to put a program together for you.  One, two, even three of you.  Don’t want to train in a group, Deb can be your Fitness partner.  Lets get you started on a new Fitness routine to Health and Wellness. Inquire