About Deb

Deb Juravleff-Boucher is a passionate Fitness leader. She has been in the Fitness industry for over 20 years, committed since the start to improving her clients’ lifestyles by educating them on the importance of exercise and a well balanced diet.

Born and raised in Canmore, she lives with her husband Pierre and her two daughters Chloë and Sasha.  With a parallel career as a travel agent, Deb has circled the globe and has worked in many locations. She remains at the leading edge of the fitness industry, which allows her clients to benefit from leading trends and tools to improve their bodies and minds.

She is the Owner and President of Go Figure Fit.

She leverages her expertise and the natural Bow Valley environment to stimulate her clients’ emotional and physical state.  Having been active through a variety of competitive sports since she was young, Deb understands the importance of balancing exercise and recovery to optimize performance. One is not complete without the other.

Deb acquired her formal education through the University of Alberta and Langara College University. She has been teaching a wide range of fitness activities throughout the Bow Valley.

Deb is also a certified Pilates instructor. She is a strong believer that knowing how to use your body’s core is the key to balance and strength, which in turn greatly reduces the risk of sports injuries.

Deb’s ability to motivate her clients solidifies their belief that “you can do whatever you put your mind to”.